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UMP-Data and Product Roles

Want a job in data or product roles at big names like Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, or EXI? Our mentors will show you exactly what to prepare and how to ace those interviews.

UMP - Core Electronics

Learn all the skills and tools to become a VLSI & Design Engineer, Embedded Engineer, Digital Design Engineer, Analog Application Engineer and ASIC Engineer.

Resume and HR Prep

Personalized Resume Enhancement, one-on-one mentoring and recorded sessions to help make your resume shine and prepare you for HR interviews.

Learn from mentors at leading companies

From Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, ZS, EXL, Bain & Co.

Love from Our Community

A community of enthusiastic engineering students who think way ahead of just going to the classes and passing the semester exams.

What UnsaidTalks offers


1000+ interview experiences

Explore firsthand real interview experiences from over 1000+ students who have successfully landed jobs with companies that visit your campus.


UMP - UnsaidTalks Mentorship Program

Our Mentors working at top companies help you crack your dream companies and jobs. Everyone can crack their dream company and build a successful career with the right guidance.


Free webinars and events

We host both offline and online events to offer guidance on both career and life, ensuring a well-rounded support system. Join Our Community Now and Be part of awesome free stuff.


Resume review & HR interview prep

Our Expert Mentors will hand-hold you and help you build your resume and prepare you for HR interviews across multiple industries.

Connect and Thrive with Our Community

Engage, Share and Grow Together
Join our WhatsApp community of 1100+ members to connect with like-minded, ambitious individuals and mentors, get personalized advice and access exclusive content at

Founder's Note

I am passionate about helping the next generation of engineers succeed in their careers and life. That’s why I founded UnsaidTalks, to provide a space where engineering students can connect with experienced mentors and seniors, access valuable resources and support, and learn from the best in the industry. Feel free to shoot me an email @ or connect on Linkedin if you need any help!

Raghav Chopra

Founder (UnsaidTalks)

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