Nishtha Ahuja’s OYO Rooms Interview Experience

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Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

I am Nishtha truly justifying my name through my way of approaching things . I am passionate about coding since second year and participated in many coding competitions in college , codechef, hackerrank, gfg. About development , I have made mobile Applications .I like to help others with my skills.

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Ques. Tell us about the written/online test. (Aptitude, Coding, Test Platform, etc)

First round was online round constituting 5 10 marks MCQ of aptitude , OS , DBMS, then 2 coding questions 1 was of 50 marks the question was exactly this and 1 of 100 marks Given 2 d grid given start , end and barriers bob has to travel from start to end in minimum number of steps . like the grid is
. B . . S . .
. . . S . . B
. BBB . . .
E . . . . B. .

Where B is Barrier S is start and E is End B is barrier and one can move in adjacent 4 directions. For this case answer is 5.
I was able to solve both coding questions and got 150 marks about mcq the questions were not straight forward that I could confirm the answers So was not sure about them.
After that they short listed 70 students for interview and 10 more students for another written round before interviews. I was among 70 students.

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