Prajit Sengupta’s JPMorgan Chase & Co. Interview Experience

Prajit Sengupta who was interned and placed at JPMorgan Chase & Co. talks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what he says about the placement season.

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Interview Questions

Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

I’m Prajit Sengupta, currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at Thapar University with a minor in Conversational AI. During the recent summer, I had the opportunity to intern at JP Morgan Chase & Co, where I worked on developing deep learning-based algorithms for automating surveillance systems. The previous summer, I served as a Research Intern at IIT Kanpur, focusing on multimodal emotion recognition. I also have four international research papers to my name, including one in collaboration with Tel Aviv University. Beyond academics, I hold a Gold Medal from the Ministry of Defence for trekking and have been part of multiple MUNs and Oxford Debates.


Ques. What was the difficulty level of the interview? (1- very easy, 10-very difficult)

In terms of difficulty, I would rate the interview a 8 out of 10.

Ques. What was the procedure of the placement that took place? (Shortlisting criteria/ coding or aptitude test/ number of interviews)

At the end of my 2nd year, JPMorgan Chase & Co. organized the ‘Code for Good’ National Hackathon for on-campus hiring. The process consisted of multiple rounds. It began with an online coding round, followed by a HireVue virtual video interview round where I had to answer two questions within a 30-second to 1-minute timeframe.

Within 30 days, I received an email confirming my eligibility for the ‘Code for Good’ National Hackathon, a 36-hour event during which participants were tasked with developing a working prototype based on a problem statement provided by an NGO. During the Hackathon, two interviews were conducted. The first was a technical interview focused on the project we were building, with questions related to React and Django. The second interview was of an HR nature, featuring general questions.

Based on our performance in the ‘Code for Good’ participants were offered a Summer Internship, which later extended into a 6-month internship, followed by a Full-Time Offer at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Ques. Tell us about the written/online test. (Aptitude, Coding, Test Platform, etc)

My written test experience consisted of one coding round, which was conducted online on the HackerRank platform. This round included two moderately easy coding questions based on Strings and LinkedList, which had to be completed within an hour. After successfully clearing this round, I received an invitation for the HireVue Video Interview Round.

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