Shritika Grover’s LG Interview Experience

Shritika who got placed at LG Soft India Pvt Ltd as per her opinion tips for preparing for placement season you should  Get well versed with DSA before the placement seasons arrives

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Interview Questions

Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

hi i am Shritika i completed my B.E. cse from Chitkara University Rajpura i am a research engineer at LG Soft India pvt ltd and am currently placed at Bengaluru

Ques. What was the difficulty level of the interview? (1- very easy, 10-very difficult)

the difficulty level of interview was medium

Ques. What was the procedure of the placement that took place? (Shortlisting criteria/ coding or aptitude test/ number of interviews)

The procedure for placement that took place was  1 coding test and 2 technical interviews

Ques. Tell us about the written/online test. (Aptitude, Coding, Test Platform, etc)

Mostly questions were  from cpp concepts

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