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Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

I can describe myself as a realistic person who adapts quickly to situations

Ques. What was the difficulty level of the interview? (1- very easy, 10-very difficult)


Ques. Tell us about the written/online test. (Aptitude, Coding, Test Platform, etc)

There were total 3 rounds.

  1. Online Aptitude test- All branches were eligible with a cgpa cut of 6.5 . The test was purely aptitude and the level was from easy to moderate. The aptitude consisted up of verbal, lr and quant. The test was conducted on AMCAT platform. I advise you to don’t go for excessive cheating as there is an upper cut as well.
  2. JAM and CS- The JAM was for USI and CS was for DI. Since I was in DI, I had a Case study. There were 6 people in my panel. We were a given a case of day to day working of Deloitte. We presented our analysis and two officials judged us. It was pretty good and 5 of us qualified for next stage.
  3. Interview- It was overall an HR with a tinge of Technical. All questions were from my resume. My projects and my ability to explain there financial advantages helped me a lot.

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