Arjun Pundir’s JPMC Interview Experience

Arjun Pundir who was placed at JPMC talks about his interview expierience and some other tips to prepare  for placement season . Check out what he says about the placement season.

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Interview Questions

Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

I am Arjun Pundir. I am from Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh.I am currently in my 4th year pursuing Computer Engineering from Thapar University.

Ques. What was the difficulty level of the interview? (1- very easy, 10-very difficult)

It was of  easy to medium level.

Ques. What was the procedure of the placement that took place? (Shortlisting criteria/ coding or aptitude test/ number of interviews)

1st round-Coding test – I got 2 questions of easy to medium level .The questions were on topics like arrays and queues. One should have decent knowledge of DSA to solve them in allowed time.
2nd round -Hire View Interview – They asked some behavioral questions on hireView platform which I have to record within 2 minutes. Two chances were given per question for that but after  second chance it will get auto submitted.
3rd round – Hackathon – It is the last hurdle one has to cross to get selected. There were mentors who were monitoring me throughout the hackathon process. It is generally a 24 hour hackathon in which students selected from various Institutions compete in teams to build solutions for problems faced by non-profits. It is totally upto the mentors ,if they like your contibution within your team they may forward your name, in some cases they may have a one on one discussion on technical topics.

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