Gitesh Khanna’s OYO Rooms Interview Experience

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Online Round: 15 Technical(OS,C,C++,DBMS) + Aptitude Questions [ONLINE @ HackerEarth]
First F2F Round: The interviewer was really cool and was trying his best to make me feel comfortable with the environment. He started off with an easy question. Followed by 4 medium difficulty questions.
Second F2F Round: Started off with some operating system concepts. Multithreading etc. Gave 4 DSA questions. Followed by an Hourglass puzzle. Then he told me to design database relations given some attributes which he wanted me to use. Then he asked a few SQL queries.
Third F2F Round: I was only given one question and it was a difficult one. He told me to implement an algorithm which “Splitwise” app uses behind the scenes to minimize the transaction between people. He explained me the whole concept first and then wanted me to implement it in the least time and space complexity. I was given hints in between and I was finally able to implement it.

Overall, all interviewers greeted us well. They used to stand outside to welcome us and take us inside the interview room. They tried their best to cool us down and language was no barrier.

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