Mansimar Anand’s BrightCHAMPS Interview Experience

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Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

I am in my final year pursuing a bachelor of engineering in Computers from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Ques. What was the difficulty level of the interview? (1- very easy, 10-very difficult)

The difficulty level of the interview was 9.

Ques. Tell us about the written/online test. (Aptitude, Coding, Test Platform, etc)

There were a total of three face-to-face online rounds. First-round consists leetcode medium and hard level coding questions. After shortlisting of few students, the next round was a machine code round. Four tasks were given in that round with two classes. Then there was a CS fundamentals round of 1 hour based on questions like DS, DBMS, network. The last round was around 1 hour taken by the Project Manager. Questions asked on Database Design( 4-5 Table were asked), asked to write complex SQL queries in 5- 6 lines. It took 45 minutes out of 1 hour and the last 15 minutes were considered for the HR round.

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