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Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

Just to keep it simple and relatable, honestly, I was not so good at technical part but I was descent enough in my skills. But for the long run, I really believe that we should choose that stream or career path, in which we can perform and give it our all. Because see, for the whole of our life, we will be involved in this domain. In order to grow in a corporate world, we have to choose something which we lve doing, only then we would be able to give it out 100%, and I was more inclined towards the non-tech field than the tech field. so I took that risk and chose the marketing field. According to me, you should choose that side in which your mind and heart automatically says that you have to do it and give it your best. So yeah I chose the non-tech field and am currently giving my all to grow in this field.

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Ques. Tell us about the written/online test. (Aptitude, Coding, Test Platform, etc)

First of all, the shortlisting on the basis of the cutoff. then there was a test. The test was webcam enabled and every strict measure was activated on the platform. It was the company’s own platform. The questions were of quite a good level which require mental ability as well. Some questions were like we have to play very smartly, we had to skip some questions because they consume a lot of time. Though those question seem to be easy , but they consume a lot of time. All types of questions were there so test our skills. Further more, we had to prepare a draft letter within 15 minutes, pitching the company about why we are perfect for this domain and for this company. In the second round, we were given an assignment which we have to complete within 1-2 days. The assignment was quite demanding and tough. Then we have to make a video of 1-2 mins. A complete introduction video, our skill set, also stating why we chose a non-tech job. There were two telephonic interviews, one from the HR and one from the senior management from their team. In total there were 5 rounds in the recruitment process. It took almost one month to complete the whole process as it was during the pandemic period. As far as the assignment is concerned, we had to create a market research report regarding how it can grow and what is the company basically. There had to be points which are not already there on the company website. So I had to do a lot pf research work about the company and their services. Before appearing for these interviews, I had one a short course under a professor from IIT Bombay based on market research .

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