Sakshi Sharma’s NXP Semiconductor Interview Experience

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Ques. Introduce yourself to the readers

My name is Sakshi Sharma. I was born and brought up in Jalandhar City which is well known for its sports goods industry across India. The reason I chose ECE was that for me electronics is fascinating. Power is old but electronics is new every day. Apart from college courses, I did an online MIT course on Python. Also, I did a vocational training in Verilog and FPGA from DKOP Labs, Noida. Talking about my family, my father is a P.hD in Mathematics and my mother is a P.hD in Music Instrumental. I believe in the saying that ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and because of which I have been able to maintain a positive attitude in life which I believe is one of my strengths. Apart from studies, I have interests in psychology and fashion designing. My life’s aim is to be the best version of me like my father because I don’t want to survive but to succeed in the field I work in.

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The test consisted of 12 to 13 questions. Each carrying different marks. Overall the test was little tough. Questions on static timing analysis(2 questions), opamps in RLC circuit, waveform drawing at different nodes in a circuit depending on changes in voltage etc(2), counter designing based on the situation given(2/3), 5 variable k-map(1) etc were asked. The questions could have been solved but the time provided was limited(75 mins i guess). So, it is difficult to attempt all. Try to attempt the entire question even if you are unable to attempt some(depending on the marking scheme).

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