Prateek RustagiCOE – 2024click here
Siddhant SharmaCSBS -2024click here
Harshita Saxena COE-2024click here
Manvi GumberCSBS-2023click here
Akshita BholaCSE-2023click here
Aparjita JhaEIC-2023click here
Ansh NemaMechatronics-2023click here
Garvita BhatejaEIC-2023click here
Ritish MahajanMechanical Engineering – 2022click here
Rajat SharmaECE – 2020click here
Gaurav Kumar SinhaElectronics and Communication – 2020click here
Chirag GargCML – 2019click here
Arpit SinglaEIC – 2019click here
Jatin AroraENC – 2019click here
Rohit AroraELE – 2019click here
Gaurav KhanwaniME – 2019click here
Mannat BatishELE – 2019click here
Vaidant bakshiME – 2019click here
Tejasvi Roop SinghCOE – 2019click here
Anjali GargEIC – 2019click here
OshoELE – 2019click here
Ankit guptaELE – 2019click here
AbhishekECE – 2018click here
Banreet KaurCOE – 2017click here
Japnit Kaur SidhuEIC – 2017click here
Mansi NainwalECE – 2017click here
Robin GoyalECE – 2017click here
Shivani NehraECE – 2017click here
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