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AshutoshCOE – 2024click here
Rohan GuptaCSBS – 2024click here
Sarishti ChopraCOE – 2024click here
Samridhi MahajanECE – 2024click here
Sudhiksha RahejaCOE – 2024click here
Nakul TanejaENC – 2023click here
Kritarth GuptaCSE – 2023click here
Riya GuptaENC – 2022click here
Rohit UpretiCOE – 2023click here
Akash MishraENC – 2022click here
Jeeya PrakashENC – 2022click here
Krishan BhanotENC – 2022click here
Naman BansalELE – 2022click here
Pratyaksh VermaCoe – 2021click here
Akshat SharmaECE – 2020click here
Arham BansalCOE – 2020click here
Divyansh JainCOE – 2020click here
GurnoorELE-2019click here
Arshdeep Singh WaliaCML – 2019click here
Bhavneet KaurCOE – 2019click here
Upvandeep KaurCOE – 2019click here
Samarth AgrawalECE – 2019click here
Ejya Singh SharmaCML – 2019click here
Saransh SehgalELE – 2019click here
KrishnaELE – 2019click here
Thakur SinglaME-2018click here
Prachi SharmaECE-2018click here
Rajat GoyalCOE-2018click here
Kartik GogiaSE-2018click here
Rahul shahiECE-2018click here
Abhishek JainECE – 2017click here
Sanchita KalraECE – 2017click here
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