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Sushila KaurCOE – 2023click here
Yoshna MarwahaCOE – 2023click here
Pranjal GuptaCOE – 2023click here
Tanya SoodENC – 2023click here
Arpit AroraCSE – 2023click here
Dhruv BansalENC – 2023click here
Verain SardanaCSE – 2023click here
Digaamber DhamijaENC – 2023click here
Parv GuptaCSE – 2023click here
Ikshal DurejaCOE – 2023click here
Jayati GumberCOE – 2022click here
Riya JainECE – 2022click here
Taru GargENC – 2022click here
Jeeya PrakashENC – 2022click here
Aarushi KochharENC – 2022click here
Shimantika DasComputer Engineering – 2022click here
Vashu NarayanCOE – 2022click here
Shivam GoyalComputer Engineering – 2022click here
Jahnavi MarjaraComputer Engineering – 2020click here
Divya Prakash MittalElectronics and Communication Engineering – 2021click here
Snigdha BhatnagarCOE – 2021click here
Aaditya ChopraCOE – 2021click here
Ramanpreet Kaur ToorENC – 2021click here
Rubal KhoslaSE – 2019click here
Bhumika AggarwalCOE – 2019click here
Varun GoelCOE – 2019click here
Vanshika GuptaCOE – 2019click here
Prabhav PandeELE – 2019click here
IpsitaELE – 2019click here
Kartikay AnandCOE – 2018click here
Yash GoyalECE – 2018click here
Anubhav GuptaCOE-2018click here
Satvik GuptaCOE-2018click here
Divanshu KapilaECE – 2017click here
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